Enriching lives, bringing communities
and industry together through connected learning

What we do

Our vision and mission

We are developing a collaborative, inquisitive and diverse
education network in which students, teachers, working
professionals, and academics all prosper from real-life
experiences and connections.
By combining data, a wealth of industry experience, and
a tailored local approach on a national level, we strive to
achieve transformative sector change – linking the
community at every level of education to Universities and


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We evaluate and enhance activities on
offer with particular focus on curriculum
and careers needs of schools.

Our Subjects

With one foot in the classroom and one foot in the local
educational community, our experience and knowledge
ensures a diverse and well-informed output.
We focus our attention on the four core STEM subjects;
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as
well as two newer additions to our network; Computer
Science and the Arts.



Computer Science.




The southern division of STEMunity, run by Laura Watford


The northern division of STEMunity, run by Jorden Birch


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