Press release

South Yorkshire students ignite their imaginations with 5park!

7th July 2022, Kelham Island, Sheffield

Schools from across the South Yorkshire region with Key Stage 3 students considered disadvantaged by the recent lockdowns, had been invited to attend the first 5park event at Kelham Island Industrial Museum, on Thursday 7th July 2022. The 5park box has been developed and designed in partnership with Leonie Briggs from Amazelab.

In partnership with STEM Learning Enthuse Partnership and the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Connecting STEM Teachers Programme, over 100 young people attended from 5 different schools in South Yorkshire. Teachers Group Educational Trust also made a very generous donation and sponsored this event to provide catering for all the young people.

All students received a 5park box that has been designed to include all the resources needed for budding young STEM innovators to get creative and practice their ‘Engineering Habits of Mind’ at home. The box includes five simple items, with instructions cards and blank cards for students to design their own activities.

The 5park event also provided a variety of other opportunities for students to develop and explore their STEM skills; from bespoke interactive sessions hosted by Amazelab, to careers workshops from Boeing, plus the chance to go and explore the Industrial Museum.

Videography by Dan Bale from Open House Pictures and photography by Jane Hewitt from the LimbBo Foundation.

Jorden Birch, COO STEMunity said:

“The purpose of this event is to support more young people in our community exploring careers in STEM professions. We hope to continue to create more STEM experiences for students in South Yorkshire using the innovative 5park resource boxes”