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STEAM Challenge Tracker
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The Halo AR App

We have worked with Halo AR to develop this accessible educational resource.

Mission to Mars

The Royal Academy of Engineering

Students will explore the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) of space exploration.

The resource covers three sections of a Mars mission: Launch, Landing and Life on Mars. Students will learn about designing an aerodynamic nose cone for launch, how to create heat shields to protect spacecraft on re-entry and how to grow food in Martian soil.

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Jamaica- UK Schools Partnerships

Use this space to connect with your hub schools and share your progress in your STEAM challenge. Please note that only registered teachers will be able to access the hub drives.

Secondary schools in Jamaica and the UK are working together to tackle the global challenge of space travel. Click the image to take a look at our Partnerships page.

Want more activities linked to space?

Check out the ESERO-UK annual mission to Mars with ESA, the UK Space Agency, UK STEM Ambassadors and international guests on the horizon!

Check out our fantastic self paced Professional Learning Development programme to upskill your knowledge on STEAM education and space exploration.