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Welcome and Introduction


Through completing this course you’ll be able to:

  • reflect on your own educational journey to STEAM teaching and learning.
  • evaluate the rationale and evidence for STEAM education.
  • analyse the STEMUnity approach and other STEAM pedagogies.
  • adapt and apply your learning about STEAM to your own setting and curriculum.


Session 1 (20 minutes) – The Power of STEAM Learning

  • What inspired you?
  • What makes you a STEAM teacher?
  • Inspiring your students
  • The power of STEAM

Session 2 (30 minutes) – The Evidence for STEAM Learning

  • What is STEAM Learning?
  • Evidence that the world needs STEAM Learning
  • Evidence that STEAM learning works
  • Case Study: Japan METI Learning Portal

Session 3 (20 minutes) – STEAM Pedagogies

  • Evidence for the How? of STEAM Learning
  • Inquiry- and problem- based learning
  • Engineering Habits of Mind
  • The STEMUnity STEAM Pedagogy

Session 4 (20 minutes) – STEAM Curriculum Design

  • The Challenges of Integrating STEAM into the Curriculum
  • 7 Ways to Integrate STEAM
  • Small steps for curriculum change
  • Starting the conversation

Course Evaluation (10 minutes)

  • Recall key learning points


Do take part in community discussions with other educators who are also taking this course.