STEMunity Celebrating the Community

At STEMunity, we are passionate about connecting people, joining the dots, and celebrating success. We decided to mark International Women’s Day 2022 by sponsoring the Pamodzi Creatives ‘Inspirational Women of Portsmouth event’. The dedicated award for STEM gave us an incredible opportunity to hear and celebrate the success of a whole range of women in STEM, from researchers to the military, to the coastguard – such a diverse community of excellent STEM women in Portsmouth!

STEMunity and Pamodzi Creatives have created a meaningful collaborative partnership in the past 2 years, creating learning opportunities across the community. In 2019, the awards had seen its first STEM recipient, Teresa Stevens (the most glamorous grandma in Portsmouth!) go to the stage to collect her award. Teresa invented the Guardian Anti Pirate Barriers and later featured in the STEM Academy South Video Lecture series, where she told us about her diverse career and journey to becoming an inventor. Check the recording out here.

Sponsoring an award this year gave us the opportunity to focus on just some of the amazing STEM women in the Portsmouth community. We had 7 nominations and we hope to explore collaborating with those women in the coming year. One of those women is Jane Moody, she won’t mind me quoting her in saying “you can’t be what you can’t see”. This resonates with us a lot, and we will be busy over the next year creating more opportunities for students and educators to see the diverse opportunities in their STEM community.

The award recipient for the STEM award 2022 was Heidi Clevett. Her nomination was an especially moving one, as not only has she achieved incredible success over her STEM career but she has also recently lost her mother. In memory of her mother, Heidi has raised in excess of £6,000 for the tumour research charity by walking over 106km around the Isle of Wight in 26hours. This was her nomination:

“Heidi started her journey into the maritime industry around 10 years ago. In this male-dominated sector, she went on to become a ship’s navigator. Heidi has navigated most of the oceans and seas of the world. Heidi had a real passion for making the sea a safer place; this led her to join the Maritime Coastguard Agency. She joined in the operations room, saving lives. Heidi quickly was promoted up the ranks and became one of the only females to be at her grade of Staff Officer of Vessel Traffic management. Heidi now works to ensure vessels are managed effectively in the UK’s Waters and keep seamen and women safe. Recently, Heidi lost her mum to a Brain Tumour; it was a short battle. Heidi will be walking nonstop around the Isle of Wight for Brain Tumour Research, which is 106km in under 30 hours. This is a testament to her strong and caring nature. She has already raised nearly 4k; it’s been in the media, too I believe that she shows other women that you can succeed in a male-dominated arena and teaches our young daughter that she can be or do anything. Heidi shows the world that the darkest days can be turned into the most positive of futures.”

We look forward to supporting similar events in the North and continuing to find opportunities to celebrate the success of our STEM community.