Autumn Term STEM Newsletter for Hampshire 2021

Hi Everyone! As promised, here is a list of all the STEM opportunities and activities that I could find for our area. Please do feel free to pass this email onto your colleagues and friends if you think it might be of interest. It’s an action packed half term! The RAEng’s latest resource box is ready and so I’ll be running a face-to-face session at Portsmouth UTC in February, can’t wait to see you all in person again.

CPD/Training Opportunities

RAEng resource: Future of Flight

Date: Wednesday 2nd February 2021

Venue: Portsmouth UTC

Time: 3.30pm Soft Start/Lego Tour/Refreshments

4pm-5pm Training Session

This training includes a great variety of activities including some coding using the crumbles, balloon rocket cars, designing planes, and fibre optics activity. Each person who attends can take a crumble kit home with them and then each school who attends, receives a code to order a full box of kit. Please order your ticket by 10th December 5pm to guarantee a box as I need to reserve the stock and there’s limited supply!

Science Learning Partnership
Science Learning Partnerships (SLPs) combine local expertise in teaching and learning in science, facilitating CPD and providing school-to-school support. They form a network of 50 Partnerships across the UK and are organised by STEM Learning. More information about the national network of SLPs can…
Early Career Network | STEM
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New and Aspiring Secondary Science Leaders | STEM
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Wilder Portsmouth | Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
Wilder Portsmouth is a partnership project between the Southern Co-op and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. The focus of this jointly-funded initiative is to encourage people to take action to create and enhance wild spaces where they live.

Wilder Portsmouth have some great opportunities to work with schools to help you bring as aspect of ‘Wilder Portsmouth’ to your school. Check out the link below for their up and coming CPD/training courses.

STEM Academy South will also have an opportunity in Spring term for Portsmouth schools to work with Wilder Portsmouth to design and build a prototype Vertical Farm for their school in the on going project with St Margaret’s church food bank. Drop an email to: if you are interested in this project.

Portsmouth Education Partnership have been doing an incredible piece of work around the BLM movement in Portsmouth. In terms of areas of engagement and action they propose a three-pronged approach:

Black Lives Matter classroom resources
Teaching black history in schools and decolonising the curriculum
Longer-term, transformational institutional change

All the resources and examples of activities at local schools can be found by clicking the button below.

The Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust (GFM) have committed to STEAM on the timetable in KS3. They are making good use of the Gosport STEM Centre for much of the teaching and learning and working with 27 teachers to upskill them with a new pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. The GFM STEAM Team really enjoyed the September GFM Talks in which Stephen Shaw  – LEGO Academy Certified Trainer, talked about ‘Purposeful Play & Pedagogy – using LEGO Education to support Teaching & Learning’. Want to watch the talk? Please click here.

Opportunities for the Students

To celebrate 10 years of the ‘Connecting STEM Teachers’ programme, the RAEng are running this fantastic competition for all UK schools. Students have an opportunity to develop their own solutions for the big challenges that face our society. There are many exciting prizes and there are both regional and national finals for the competition. Students can be entered as an individual or as a team via the Mindset website, alongside how you order your RAEng resources.

The RAEng’s next resource box is themed around the theory of flight. Jorden, my brilliant cofounder of STEMunity has been busy building a brilliant digital escape room that is linked to the resource box. This activity has been developed in collaboration with the RAEng and is completely free to schools.

Target: KS2-KS3

Friday 10th December at 2pm.

You’ll need access to computers/devices for your class. The activity is a great opportunity to set students up ready for the RAEng resource which you can get your hands on in early spring term.  The new format includes a help desk for any access issues.

Inspiration new STEM opportunity available!!

The Drone Rules are a brilliant new educational organisation who are looking to run activities in our area. They can offer such activities as

1. Code a drone
2. Build a drone
3. Fly/Race a drone (Real & VR)

As well as large scale school activities where we demonstrate the flight of a larger drone which they will pilot outside on the playground, a full CAA licence is held.

Recently, they have partnered with various Libraries including Oxfordshires main county Library delivering STEM activities which have been so successful that they have been over subscribed on each course that they have delivered.

Primary Outreach Opportunity at Portsmouth UTC

UTC Portsmouth offers a number of outreach programmes designed to complement your curriculum offer whilst boosting STEM within your setting. Get in touch if you want to book some time in our Lego Innovation Studio, bring your students into our state of the art workshops or undertake a project or competition with one of our employer partners. Expert advice is on hand alongside a huge bank of resources for anything and everything related to STEM.

If you are interested in this opportunity then please get in touch via:

RAEng National Opportunities

STEM Leaders Qual

National STEM Dates

Autumn 2 dates

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