Celebrate British Science Week 2023

This year, the British Science Week theme is ‘Connections’. At STEMunity we have been working closely with the Royal Academy of Engineering to design the Mixed Reality resource themed around ‘Water’, linked to the RAEng resources TIE: Water. For this year’s British Science week, we thought we’d design some activities that could be used with younger students in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Water is pretty incredible, so here’s a resource which gives instructions for 4 simple experiments that you can do around water. We’d love to see any experiments that you carry out at home or in educational settings so tag us in the pictures and videos that you post on socials.

Water can dissolve substances

This simple little experiment allows children to see how inks can be separated into their different pigments. It also leaves you with a beautiful little chromatogram which can be taken home.

Water can go off with a pop!

Pop rockets are one of our favourite activities at STEMunity, we once even fired a pop rocket 3m into the air and almost into the neighbour’s garden! Little ones love this experiment.

Water can make brilliant rainbows

Skittles or other similar sweets can create this beautiful patter when you dissolve them in water. We’d love to see pictures of the best rainbow you can make!

Water can make cool movements

This is a great one that never gets boring, little ones can watch in awe as they create their own ‘Hurricane in a bottle’.