Welcome to the TPA World Ocean’s Day Escape Room

STEMunity welcomes the TPA digital champions to this first ever trial online STEM themed escape room. We really appreciate you completing this online escape room and the feedback you’ll provide at the end. You have 30mins to complete the escape room and the fastest escape will win. If you take longer than 30mins then in this session we will allow you to complete it as it will be interesting to see the variation in the amount of time. You’ll have your personalised timer which is in the top right hand of the control room screen. Watch the short video introduction and then scroll down to the control room where you will click the clues to find a little treasure hunt for numbers, each page will have a video to watch and questions/games which will help you find the number clues.

When you are finally ready to escape, find the correct clue which will lead to your escape!

Enjoy this!

Mrs Watford