The Portsmouth Challenge
Reimagining learning through STEM


Portsmouth has been identified as one of the Priority Educational Investment Areas. It is surrounded by exciting STEM opportunities and STEM industries, so now is the time for purposeful collaboration and innovative thinking to better engage and prepare our young people for some of the most prosperous careers in STEM industries.


Laura goes live to explain what you’ll get from The Portsmouth Challenge.

The Portsmouth Challenge: reimagining learning through STEM



A live stream to tell people about The Portsmouth Challenge, what it is, what you’ll get and why we are doing it.



Professor Bill Lucas is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CRL) at the University of Winchester. He is a thinker, writer, speaker and education reformer.

Bill’s research focuses on understanding those dispositions for learning which help people succeed and flourish in life, how they can be cultivated and how evidenced.

Bill’s model of engineering habits of mind, developed with colleagues at CRL, was chosen by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as one of the big ideas of the last decade. With Janet Hanson his research is currently exploring ways in which practical learning can be better understood and valued in schools; Reimagining practical learning in schools: A review of the evidence was published by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2021.



Bill is co-chair of the strategic advisory group of the PISA 2022 test of Creative thinking, curator of CreativityExchange and an adviser to Arts Council England.

In 2020 Bill co-founded Rethinking Assessment and in 2021 he published a global overview Rethinking assessment in education: the case for change.

Bill is a prolific writer. His most recent book is Zest for Learning: Developing curious learners who relish real-world challenges. In 2019 Bill co-authored the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education. His acclaimed critique of the education system, Educating Ruby: what our children really need to learn, written with Guy Claxton, asks challenging questions about the future of education.



  • Bespoke key stage related STEM CPD from local and national experts.
  • Workshop choices were designed based on feedback from local school leaders.
  • The launch of the local Lego competition resources.
  • An educational panel discussion about the future of STEM education.
  • Support to design your school plan to embed a STEM approach.
  • Time to network and find free resources to support your school.
  • On-going support to access funded/free CPD locally to continue supporting your schools’ journey to embedding a STEM approach.Access to a network of support and working groups.




Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will host this symposium of professional development for the day in Action Stations. the setting is a great reminder of the vast STEM heritage and current STEM opportunities that are on our doorstep.

There are great transport connections to get to the dockyard, however, if Train/Boat/Bus aren’t your choice then there are 2 large car parks located within a short walk from the Dockyard.


Thursday 22nd September 2022

Arrive at 8.30am, seated by 8.45am for Introductions.

At 4pm the day will end.


Prior to the day, you’ll be contacted to ask about dietary requirements and the choice of workshops.

To the right is the provisional programme.



All educators are welcome to attend the event, we want this movement to start right from Key Stage 1 all the way up to Key Stage 5, collaboratively working together to give all Portsmouth children better opportunities. We welcome educators from surrounding areas who find themselves in a similar context. 



The ticket prices are partially funded by our industry funders so they are a great price for the day of professional learning that you will receive. 

Full price tickets: £100

Portsmouth school (with 15% or more FSM): £80

Early bird ticket: £70*

*Sale ends 2nd September


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